Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Multimodal Composition



Inservice Offerings


“Because writing can support a high level of learning in all core subjects, it matters in any classroom where inquiry, knowledge, and expression are valued and recognized by students and teachers.”

As a site of the National Writing Project, Marshall University Writing Project (MUWP) is a network of practicing Pre-K through University teachers who provide professional development, develop resources, generate research, and act on knowledge to improve the teaching of writing and learning in schools and communities.

“What is required is a cadre of committed teachers with classroom experience in teaching writing who can share their knowledge of effective strategies. Finding experienced teachers who volunteer for the task, who write themselves, and who know the research in testing writing is crucial to success.”- Because Writing Matters,NWP & Carl Nagin

We at Three Bridges Writing Project extend our cadre of committed  Teacher Consultants for an after school event, district professional development day, or Saturday. We are flexible in our offerings and aim to meet your writing needs

Contact our Inservice Coordinators for scheduling and prices.

Candice Broestler, Beverly Hills Middle School, English teacher “Modeling is Fashionable in Schools too.” Helping students “see” the tolls they need for reading and writing.
Pamela Lusher, Poca High School, English teacher “Writing to Heal”; using writing to connect with students
Lora Sanders, Peyton Elementary School, Titile I Reading teacher “___ Readers =___ Writers: Filling in the Blanks”; The intersection between reading and writing
Megan Leighty, Symmes Valley High School, English teacher “I-search Research”; a different approach to the research paper
Ford Price, Huntington High School, Social Studies teacher “Writing Across the Curriculum with journalistic tools.”
Ian Nolte, Cabell County Alternative School, English teacher “Digital Storytelling, podcasting, and blogging.”
Lana Ramirez, Rock Hill High School, English teacher “Organic vs. Formulaic Writing: Stepping Stones in Writing Instruction”
Jennifer Stapleton, Chesapeake High School, English teacher “Authentic Learning”, using writing to make learning relevant
Samara Bennett, Cabell Midland High School, English teacher “Motivating students to write.”
Dr. Allison Carey, MU Professor, film, literature, and English methods “All Learners are Diverse Learners; The power of transmediation to reach all students.”



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Through the process of teachers teaching teachers, Marshall University Writing Project focuses the knowledge, expertise, and leadership of local educators on sustained professional growth that enhances writing, thinking, and learning for all.


Marshall University Writing Project envisions 21st century literacies as vehicles to motivate all persons to understand the relevance of being lifelong learners in a digital, interconnected world.